Saturday, December 15, 2007

Learning 2.0: Assignment #20

YouTube! I love YouTube! Besides funny videos and sports highlights, I also adore YouTube because it allows my British husband and me to better explain elements of our childhood. After all, I would never have fully appreciated Parsley the Lion, nor would he have understood my loyalty to The Electric Company if it weren't for YouTube.

As far as libraries, my immediate thought was to use YouTube for booktalks or short monthly "what's up at the library" highlight reels. The trick being, of course, to keep each "episode" brief and lively. Would people subscribe or watch such videos? It depends on the patrons (as ever), but might be worth a trial run if the participants are creative and the necessary equipment is to hand.

As far as a YouTube video to post, I can't resist sharing a video made of my wedding parade this past May. We walked from the synagogue to the reception -- about half a mile -- accompanied by a jug band. Consider it our love letter to both New Orleans and NYC. Enjoy!

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Librarianne said...

Wow! I really enjoyed your wedding video. What a colorful, unstuffy, memorable, and fun wedding yours must have been. And I just met the bride at lunch the other day. Welcome to NYC and Queens Library. Nice to meetcha!