Saturday, December 15, 2007

Learning 2.0: Assignment #21

I've always loved radio. Some of my best memories have a radio accompaniment -- music or otherwise. I remember listening to old-time radio shows on an AM station during late night roadtrips with my family; singing along with friends' parents to 70s and 80s hits during car pools; and, to this day, my dad's made-up lyrics and singing on any given night's travels are an experience to behold. I love radio so much that one of my proudest accomplishments was spending 3.5 years as a DJ/producer on one of the largest college radio stations in the U.S. That was years ago, but I still wish I could be on the air, a mixing board under my hands, FCC license firmly tucked into my wallet.

All of this is to say that I think podcasts are a wonderful thing. The idea that anyone, in theory, could create their own show and share it with listeners is fantastic. In the library world, podcasts such as LibVibe are useful for professional news updates, or perhaps sharing continuing education/conference programs with a broader audience. Similarly, podcasting can allow public libraries to record book talks or special programs, then share them with patrons (near and far) who couldn't make it to the live session.

I think I get giddy about podcasting because it's somehow tangible. I can relate to the advancement and broadening of a known concept. Add to this that podcasts are non-intrusive -- you listen (or not) at your leisure, about topics that specifically interest you. How civilized!

I admit I haven't learned how to create my own podcast yet, but that is something I plan to remedy shortly. I can't wait.

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