Thursday, December 13, 2007

Learning 2.0: Assignment #6

Well! That was quite a long break, wasn't it? It's a good thing this is "Lifelong Learning" -- at this rate, I'll finish when I'm approximately 62. Of course, I have the impetus of starting a new job next week, so perhaps this extended weekend will be a flurry of posting. Such is my way -- all or nothing. Ahh, to live in the happy medium someday.

Anyway! Back to Flickr!

The next assignment asks us to explore Flickr Mashups. Forget most of what I said about Flickr in the last post -- now we're finding things that are USEFUL! Or at least way too fun, such as Color Fields Colr Pickr. I'm not a designer, but I do adore saturated colors, so imagine my delight in finding lots of RED and PURPLE and GREEN and BLUE pictures. Very soothing in an odd way, and somewhere I will return to when my eyes need a rest or refresher -- or when I'm in need of a new desktop image.

MOO MiniCards also enthralls me as a genius idea way overdue. I must admit a weakness for custom calling cards, stationery, and the like and have been wishing for quite some time that they make a style comeback. How thrilling! Perhaps I'll place an order once the paychecks start rolling in again...

(N.B.: I did put together a Librarian Trading Card, as suggested, but the one decent photo I have of myself alone was too pixelated to make it of much use. Ah well. Fun, nonetheless!)

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